Online Member Application

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Active membership may be held in the organization by any person actively engaged in governmental purchasing in any tax supported agency in the State of Minnesota upon payment of current annual dues established in the bylaws.

Associate membership may be held by any person not eligible for active membership, who is interested in the principals and practices of governmental purchasing upon payment of dues established in the bylaws. Such membership shall be approved by the executive committee as set forth in the bylaws. Such members shall have no vote in the business of the organization.

Why Join MN-NIGP?

The primary function of the public sector professional purchaser is the successful acquisition of true value for all supplies, services, and construction secured for the requesting organization. Probably the most valuable buy that can be made by a public purchaser is the investment in an association singularly dedicated to the principles and operational needs of our profession.

Membership in MN-NIGP shows us and our colleagues how to improve our performance and get MORE VALUE FOR THE TAX DOLLAR. Participation in our numerous programs helps sharpen our skills in the complex and rapidly changing world of public purchasing.

MN-NIGP membership benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Education and professional development programs.

  • Seminar programs; Fall Conference.

  • Professional certification.

  • Networking.

  • Technical information, Specifications.

  • Contract formats and methods.

  • Bid evaluation and Award criteria.

As professionals, we crave recognition, respect, and advancement. These can best be achieved by striving for and achieving professionalism through education, certification and application of our knowledge. This is the primary reason why we should become affiliated with MN-NIGP.


The Chapter believes, and it is a condition of membership, that the following ethical principles should govern the conduct of every person employed by any public sector procurement or materials management organization.

  • Seeks or accepts a position as head or employee only when fully in accord with the professional principles applicable thereto, and when confident of possessing the qualifications to serve under those principles to the advantage of the employing organization.
  • Believes in the dignity and worth of the services rendered by the organization and the social responsibilities assumed as a trusted public servant.
  • Is governed by the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal relationships, in order to merit the respect and inspire the confidence of the organization and the public being served.
  • Believes that personal aggrandizement or personal profit obtained through misuse of public or personal relationships is dishonest and not tolerable.
  • Identifies and eliminates participation of any individual in operational situations where a conflict of interest may be involved.
  • Believes that members and their staffs should at no time or under any circumstances, accept directly or indirectly, gifts, gratuities or other things of value from suppliers.
  • Keeps the governmental organization informed, through appropriate channels, of problems and progress of applicable operations, but personally remain in the background by emphasizing the importance of the facts.
  • Resists encroachment on control of personnel in order to preserve integrity as a professional manager. Handles all personnel matters on a merit basis. Political, religious, racial gender and age considerations carry no weight in personnel administration in the agency being directed or served.
  • Seeks or dispenses no personal favors. Handles each administrative problem objectively and empathetically on the basis of principles and justice without discrimination.l
  • Subscribes to and supports the professional aims and objectives of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc.


The purpose of this organization is to establish and maintain professional function and stature for the field of public sector purchasing and materials management. In so doing it shall:

  • Do all things necessary for the purpose of raising and maintaining the standards and ethics of all governmental purchasing and materials management departments, agencies and organizations, wherever performed;
  • Study, discuss, recommend and aid in implementation of improvements in the designated field of endeavor to obtain the optimum value of products and services without prejudice, to assure greatest ultimate economy to the users;
  • Interchange ideas and experiences and obtain expert advice on local, state, national and international problems pertinent to this discipline;
  • Collect and distribute to applicable officials information on the organization and administration of these and related functions;
  • Develop and promote simplified standards and specifications for functional performance;
  • Promote resistance by procurement officials to encroachment on the competitive process;
  • Promote effective operation of fair and open competition, applicable uniform or model laws and procedures, and compliance with the spirit and intent thereof;
  • Promote and foster the professional competence and stature of all persons engaged in this profession, including dissemination of information relative to the ethics of and functions performed by the profession;
  • Set an academic and professional standard for all such persons and award diplomas, certificates and other distinctions to any such person after examination or otherwise;
  • Achieve recognition of the place of this profession in the operational organization with emphasis on cabinet or top management status for the public purchasing official;
  • Work for or against proposals affecting the welfare of performing agencies;
  • Give to taxpayers and other bodies information on public purchasing problems in order to foster interest in public affairs and cooperation between the profession and those they serve; and
  • Engender a professional attitude on the part of all its members to accomplish their mission with loyalty to their organization and with fairness to all.