Professional Development

MN NIGP provides professional development opportunities and access to professional certification for public purchasers. MN NIGP is hosting the following courses in 2020:


Protests: Managing Options for Positive Results April 3 - Virtual

This course examines why protests happen and offers tools and strategies to reduce their occurrence and what to do when a protest is received.

Accredited - Registration Deadline March 3 – National NIGP Member Standard Fee $310


Risk Management in Public Contracting - To be rescheduled

Develop a solid understanding of risk management and recognize the importance of planning, monitoring, and proactive insight and oversight into risk areas.

Accredited - Registration Deadline April 3 – National NIGP Member Early Fee $400


Managing End Users and Suppliers June 10 - Canceled

Procurement can benefit greatly from relatshionship managmeent with our end users and suppliers. This seminar will demonstrate the benefits of reaching out to these groups.

Non-accredited – National NIGP Member Fee $310


Contracting with Federal Funds/Grants September 10 & 11 - Virtual

How to integrate the procurement regulations into the grant and build a team with grants, finance, and procurement personnel to effectively manage the funds.



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