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Have you ever thought about being on the MN NIGP Board? (2019 Board Nominations)

Have you ever thought about being on the MN NIGP board?

Nominations are open now for Vice President, Secretary and Two Board Member seats!   If you want to nominate yourself or someone else, please e-mail me at or Nominations for NIGP.  

Please remember to have approval from your supervisor/manager when you make this consideration.

The time commitment is six board meetings and six chapter meetings, plus any time you would need to spend in discharging the duties and responsibilities of the position. Teleconferencing, both by phone or video, is an acceptable way to meet the time commitments for meetings and is encouraged for outstate members interested in being part of the board.

Board members play a significant role in shaping chapter goals and objectives and establishing a direction for the chapter both in the short and long term.  Attached are the position descriptions, duties, and responsibilities. 

The term for all board member positions is two years.  In the case of the Vice President, the first year is the Vice President, the second year as President, and third as past president.

As an aside, leadership roles in chapter organizations can count as much as 20 contact hours toward CPPB and CPPO recertification.  That is just about half the hours you need for recertification.  An added bonus is the MN NIGP sends two board members to the NIGP leadership Symposium and the NIGP forum annually. (President and VP are two of the four positions).

Nominations will remain open until, Friday, September 28, 2018.


Click here for descriptions of the 2019 open Board positions.