Public Announcements


Notification of proposed Bylaw changes

Your current MN NIGP board is proposing a change to our bylaws that would allow us to add two additional board chair positions: Program Committee Chair, and Communications Committee Chair. As a board we have developed descriptions for each of these roles to better support our membership. The position descriptions and proposed revisions to the bylaws are being sent to all members via email.

In order to add these roles we will need to amend our current bylaws which outline the compositon of our board of directors from four (4) additional directors to six (6) to accomodate these roles.

The Constitution and Bylaws of MN NIGP may be amended at any Chapter meeting or special meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active membership present. Notice of the proposed amendment must be sent to all members at least 15 calendar days before the meeting. Our next meeting is schedule for October 15th.