This section should contain the essence of what a bid must contain.  It is strongly advised that a form be supplied and required of all bidders so as to facilitate direct comparison of bids.

The following is a list of examples of what a response might require:


total price or per unit/per sq. ft/per hour/etc.


discount for volume buying, if any.


whether bidder guarantees lowest available price.


type of substitution accepted, if any.


corporate or organizational structure.


financial stability.


names and qualifications of individuals directly responsible for project.


list of references from previous projects of similar size and complexity or examples of prior work.


location of warehouse.


amount of inventory.


guaranteed completion date.







The bid form should include whatever information is appropriate, i.e. price/type/delivery/date/warranty.

It should also contain the following (as appropriate).


The bidder certifies that this bid has been arrived at independently, without consultation, communication, agreement, or collusion as to any matter relating to this bid with any other bidder or with any competitor.


Should this bid be accepted, the bidder agrees to furnish a performance bond upon such terms and conditions as are specified (in the bid documents).


A bid security in the amount of [ AMOUNT ] ( or leave bland for bidder if amount is dependent on the amount bid) is enclosed with this bid and is herewith submitted upon the terms and conditions specified in the bid documents.


The bidder acknowledges receipt of addendum numbers: [ _____ ]


Have a place for bidder to sign by name and title.