This section should contain a detailed description of the work or desired product and what a bidder must meet, have or supply in order to be considered responsive.

Topics that might be covered in this section:


type of item


ability of product to perform a specific task


technical requirements


delivery date


response date


installation date


number of personnel available


expertise of personnel


background of company


list of successful similar projects


guarantees or warranties

The section should begin with a statement similar to the following:  "Bidder agrees that, unless otherwise stated, the bid submitted will meet or exceed the following specifications."



The prices quoted on the bid proposal form shall not increase throughout the contract period.


In the event that during the term of the contract the successful bidder shall reduce any or all prices charged to any or all customers other than the County for the same or similar supplies, materials, or services of the equivalent quantity, quality, delivery, performance, duration, and location as said supplies, materials, and services specified herein, the bidder shall make an equivalent reduction for the County in corresponding prices for said specified supplies, materials and services.


Bidders shall state a percent of discount by which the current list price of any items, or categories of items, listed in the catalogs shall be reduced.


The bidder shall be expected to stock locally sufficient quantities as may be necessary to meet the County's needs.


No guarantee of minimum or maximum quantity to be purchased hereunder is either made or implied.  The County shall neither be compelled to order any quantity of any item, nor limited in the total quantity ordered on any item, unless so specified.


Bidders may, at their option, state on the proposal form the minimum order they will accept at the prices quoted.


The bidder guarantees full legal right to use software, materials, supplies, equipment, machinery, articles or things involved in complying with the terms of this bid.  The bid price shall, without exception, include compensation for all royalties and costs arising from patents, trademarks, licenses, and copyrights that are, in any way, involved.  It shall be the responsibility of the bidder to pay for all such royalties and costs.  Bidder shall indemnify and save harmless the County, its officers, affiliates, and employees from all claims for infringement of patents, trademarks, licenses or copyrights arising out of or by reason of contractor's use or handling.