Contracts: Samples




Re:  Property located at [ DESCRIPTION ] (see attached description).


Sealed bids must be received in the Office of the [ NAME OFFICE ], and time stamped not later than [ TIME ] on [ DATE ], at which time bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Bid must be submitted on the attached Description and Bid Sheet with a bid price listed opposite the item number(s) under the heading marked "BID".  The completed sheet, signed by the bidder, must be placed in an envelope and sealed.  The envelope should be marked "BID ENCLOSED" for [ ITEM ].

Bids may be submitted for each item alone or all items together.  Alternate bids may be submitted.

Before bidding, the bidder may inspect the [ PROPERTY ] [ LAND AND BUILDING ] to become aware of existing site conditions.  Bidders will be provided a time to inspect the property [ INTERIOR OF ANY BUILDING ] listed for sale.

Questions should be directed to: [ NAME ] [ PHONE NUMBER ] [ FAX ] [ E-MAIL ].


A bid containing an alteration or erasure of any price which is used in determining the highest responsible bid shall be rejected unless the alteration or erasure is crossed out and the correction thereof printed in ink or typewritten adjacent thereto and initialed in ink by the person signing the bid.  BIDS MADE IN PENCIL WILL BE REJECTED.

Because this building is vacant, the County cannot guarantee that any building will remain in the condition in which the bidder finds it during his/her inspection preparatory to submitting a bid. ALL BUILDINGS WILL BE SOLD "AS IS".

The County makes no representation or warranty, express or implied, that any building being offered for sale will conform to the building code, permit requirements or ordinances of any local jurisdiction having control over these properties.


The County will convey title to the highest responsible bidder.  The County, however, reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive defects and technicalities therein, or to advertise for new bids in order to award the contract in the best interest of the County.  (The highest responsible bidder will hereinafter be referred to as the successful bidder.)

Full sale price must be received within twenty (20) days of the notice of the bid award, in the form of a certified check, cashier's check, or money order, payble to " County Treasurer"; unless other agreement for payment, acceptable to the County is made.

Failure on the part of the successful bidder to pay the full sale price within twenty (20) calendar days after notice of the bid award or reach agreement on payment terms shall be considered proof that the successful bidder has elected to abandon the purchase and the property may be offered to the next highest bidder, in the County's sold discretion.

Upon receipt of the full sale price, the County will convey title to the successful bidder.  Thereafter, any damages to the building from fire, theft, vandalism, or other cause shall be at the risk of the successful bidder.  If the building is damaged or destroyed prior to transfer of ownership, the sole remedy of the successful bidder shall be a return of the full sale price.

Properties conveyed through this sale are intended to be conveyed free and clear of any and all unpaid due and payable taxes and assessments.  However, the County does not guarantee that amounts due and payable at the time of conveyance are fully paid nor does the County guarantee the condition of title.  Buyer has sole responsibility regarding the condition of the property title.