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Tort claims.

13.01 GOVERNMENT DATA PRACTICES Government data. [ M.S. 13.01 - 13.321]
15.054 STATE AGENCIES IN GENERAL Public employees not to purchase merchandise from governmental agencies
15.061STATE AGENCIES IN GENERALProfessional or technical services.
15.161STATE AGENCIES IN GENERALAcceptance of federal lands or buildings; consultation with legislative committees.
16A.065DEPARTMENT OF FINANCEPrepay software, subscriptions, United States documents.
16A.124DEPARTMENT OF FINANCEPrompt payment of state agency bills required. [M.S. 16A. 124, subd. 5b]
16A.1245DEPARTMENT OF FINANCEPrompt payment to subcontractors.
16A.138DEPARTMENT OF FINANCEOfficials not to exceed appropriation.
16A.15DEPARTMENT OF FINANCEAccounting system; allotment and encumbrance.
16B.483DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIONIntellectual property.
16C.02 STATE PROCUREMENT Definitions.
16C.03 STATE PROCUREMENT Commissioner's authority; powers and duties.
16C.04 STATE PROCUREMENT Ethical practices and conflict of interest.
16C.05 STATE PROCUREMENT Contract management; validity and review.
16C.06 STATE PROCUREMENT Acquisitions.
16C.08 STATE PROCUREMENT Professional or technical services.
16C.081 STATE PROCUREMENT Exception for federal contracts.
16C.09 STATE PROCUREMENT Procedure for service contracts.
16C.10 STATE PROCUREMENT Exceptions to the solicitation process.
16C.11 STATE PROCUREMENT Cooperative purchasing venture; purchasing revolving fund.
16C.12 STATE PROCUREMENT Agricultural food products grown in state.
16C.13 STATE PROCUREMENT Certain vehicles.
16C.14 STATE PROCUREMENT Energy efficiency installment purchases.
16C.145 STATE PROCUREMENT Nonvisual technology access standards.
16C.15 STATE PROCUREMENT Sheltered workshops and services work activity programs.
16C.16 STATE PROCUREMENT Designation of procurements from small businesses.
16C.17 STATE PROCUREMENT Encouragement of participation; advisory council.
16C.23 STATE PROCUREMENT Surplus property acquisition, distribution, and disposal.


Section Number

Chapter Title

Section Headnote

161.37 TRUNK HIGHWAYS Surplus government materials.
176.182 WORKERS' COMPENSATION Business licenses or permits; coverage required.
177.41 MINIMUM WAGES State projects and state highway construction; public policy
[M.S. 177.41 - 177.44 concerning prevailing wages]
181.59 EMPLOYMENT; WAGES, CONDITIONS, HOURS, RESTRICTIONS Discrimination on account of race, creed, or color prohibited in contract.
248.07 BLIND; EDUCATION, REHABILITATION Commissioner of economic security, duties.
[M.S. 248.07, subd. 7]
279.07 COUNTY NEWSPAPER PUBLICATION, BIDS Any publisher or proprietor of a legal newspaper, as defined by law, may file with the county auditor...
279.08 COUNTY NEWSPAPER DESIGNATION At their annual meeting in January, and prior to the designation...
297B.03 EXEMPTIONS, MN SALES TAX (8) ...purchase of a motor vehicle by or for a public library, as defined in section 134.001, subdivision 2, as a bookmobile or library delivery vehicle;
331A.01 NEWSPAPERS Definitions.
[M.S.  331A.01 - 331A.11 Newspapers]
331A.03 QUALIFIED NEWSPAPER Where notice published...A political subdivision may use its Web site or recognized industry trade journals as an alternative means of dissemination.
331A.06 QUALIFIED NEWSPAPERS Rates for publication.
336.1-101 UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE Short title and numbering system.
[M.S. 336.1-101 - 336.11-108]
337.02 BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS Unenforceability of certain agreements.
363.073 DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS Certificates of compliance for public contracts. [M.S. 363.073, subj 1]
375.17 COUNTY BOARDS Publication of financial statements.
375.171 COUNTY BOARDS Credit Cards.
375.21 COUNTY BOARDS Contracts of county boards and Legal Ads.
375.22 COUNTY BOARDS Repairs without bids in emergency.
375.72 COUNTY BOARDS County Purchasing Department.
375.73 COUNTY BOARDS Duties of County Purchasing Department.
375.74 COUNTY BOARDS Director of purchasing; employees.
375.75 COUNTY BOARDS Rules and regulations.
375.76 COUNTY BOARDS Voidable purchases, contracts, and sales.
375.77 COUNTY BOARDS Laws not affected.
375.85 COUNTY BOARDS Counties may market software products.
383B.145 HENNEPIN COUNTY Competitive Bidding.
465.035 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Public corporation, conveyance or lease of land
465.71 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Installment and lease purchases; cities; counties; school districts.
471.345 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Uniform Municipal Contracting Law.
471.35 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Specifications of supplies or equipment.
471.36 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Noncompetitive supplies and equipment.
471.425 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Prompt Payment of Local Government Bills
471.59 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Joint exercise of powers.
471.6161 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Group insurance; governmental units.
471.64 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Acquisition and disposition of property to, from U.S., state agencies
471.895 MUNICIPAL RIGHTS, POWERS, DUTIES Certain gifts by interested persons prohibited.
574.26 BONDS, FINES, FORFEITURES Contractors' bonds for public work.
[M.S. 574.26 - 574.32 concerning contractors' bonds for public works]
  • Performance and Payment bonds are required on contracts for "public work".
  • Performance and Payment bonds are now required for contracts over $75,000.
  • Under prior law, such bonds were required for contracts over $10,000.
574.38 BONDS, FINES, FORFEITURES Letters of credit.
645.13 INTERPRETATION OF STATUTES Time; publication for successive weeks.